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 Burrinjuck Waters Fishing & Lake Report 08/07/2015                  

Current discharge: 480 ML per day.

Water level 08/07/15    47.8 %    

Current inflow: 1380 ML per day. 

Water level 20/05/15:   41. %

Water visibility:  up to 1 metres   

Rain past 7 days : 3 mm


Forecast Weather: Wet and windy with winds up to 27kmh.

New Moon = July 16th    Full Moon = July 31st    Water Temperature:   12 deg


Murray Cod: I have been away for a few weeks holiday, there were no reports of any big fish captures during June. A few smaller fish mainly undersize have been caught with the most recent taking bait such as worms and yabbies while fishing from the bank. While I was at Copeton Dam I gave the big surface paddlers a go. I did no good, getting up at 5 in the morning to go fishing in the frost and fog was a bit tough likewise fishing late afternoon into the night with no moon was also a bit cool. A couple of guys managed 3 fish over a metre while I was there. Steve Starling also showed up for a couple of days. This method of fishing is also popular at Mulwala but I have not seen it used here so much at Burrinjuck. May be worth a go. The water temps at Copeton were only a degree warmer then here.


Yellow Belly: Continue to bite for the keen anglers willing to take on the Burrinjuck winter, Browny from Forbes is still catching fish on his gulp soft plastic grubs off the trees. Most reports are coming from bait fishermen using small yabbies & worms. Fishing off the bank after dark, beside a fire, has also been producing some good fish including a 6lb fish from the park shoreline. A camper leaving today from Yass caught an 8 lb 60 cm Yellow on worms. Young Connor from Cootamundra also caught a 43 cm fish while trolling around Cave Island. So well worth a trip.

Redfin: I found some big schools of fish up in Barbers Bay before I went on Holidays but have not managed to get back on the water to see if they are still there. No other reports.

Carp: Taking worms and corn. Many carp fisherman are shore based along the park foreshore

Park News: Our new website was launched this week. You can now book accommodation and sites and pay online. If your coming camping you can book & pay online and we will email your access number. Check it out. This report will also be posted each week.

Dean Brind, Manager
Reflections Holiday Parks Burrinjuck Waters.



 Copeton Waters 



Water level at Copeton has been rising by a few mm per day over the last month or so and with 37mm of rain this week our official water level is back to 18% with inflow of just under 500ML.

Copes Creek has just over 100ML of inflow so it will certinally be worth checking out over this weekend.
The Cod are continuing to bring smiles to the faces of many fishermen at Copeton Waters, with the early morning bite still being the best although evening into the night is still good. We find that the lead up to and just after the new moon is the best period particularly for surface action. Kirk Taylor (Copeton worker) fished this morning for two fish one of 78cm the other a great fish going 114cm (see photo) and he missed another. Rowan & Ryan from Wangaratta in Victoria, who are regular visitors have been getting some nice fish but last night they got the fish they have been chasing for about a year, congrats Ryan on your 116cm, well done. It is still big surface lures that are dominating the catches of Cod at this time. If your not sure if the lures you have are going to be up to the task then check out the range of lures we carry at the Copeton Kiosk, these are designed to catch our monster COD.

Once the sun is up and the day starting to warm is the time to swap over to deep diving hardbodies and spinnerbaits and spend some time slow trolling in water between 15 & 30 feet deep around timber & rock structure. This will also get you some nice Yellowbelly, it never ceases to amaze me the size of the lures that a Yellowbelly will try to eat at times.

Don't think that the winter fishing at Copeton is only about lures, I spoke to a dedicated bait fisherman last weekend who comes for the Cod fishing during the winter and he catches and releases lots of fish using mainly wood grubs.



Weather & water level stable for the Long weekend and barometric pressure sitting well above 1020hPa so now would be a great time to visit Copeton Waters if a BIG Murray Cod is on your bucket list. Even the Park Manager can catch one at the moment.

Still the best way to tick a big Cod off your list is to be out fishing very early mornings with large surface lures. don't be afraid to experiment with what you use, paddlers, wake baits, walkers, stickbaits or buzzbaits.
Anything and everything will work and you may just discover the next go-to lure.

Something to remember at this time of year is that these early morning starts can mean you will be fishing in sub 0 degrees so rug up and if boating factor in wind-chill that can effectively drop temperature by another 10 degrees. It's not uncommon to have your rod runners freeze up at this time of year.

A great capture in the last little while was a beauty of 135cm caught and released by Jamie Herden, caught on a 3/8oz spinnerbait & 15lbs braid it is a great angling feat and the fish of a lifetime.

The yellowbelly fisherman are still getting fish on both bait and lures with the overall quality making up for the quantity. Fish have been reported up to 63cm which would probably weigh around 7 or 8kg. good yellas anywhere.

When lure fishing for Yellowbelly this time of year slow trolling hardbody lures around the trees or fishing soft plastics vertically around standing timber particularly drowned pine trees, just a slow roll up & down with some pauses seems to be the way to fool a few fish.
Don't forget to call the office on 02-67236269 to make a booking, you need to try Copeton during winter...



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